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82 Baby Travel Essentials You Won’t Regret Packing

Are you wondering what baby traveling essentials you need to pack when you travel with your baby? This post is all about the baby travel essentials that will make your journey easier!

As a mom of three, I’ve traveled extensively with my babies. I’ve tried a lot of baby gear and determined just what actually is essential when traveling with baby. 

Because babies do require an astonishing amount of stuff, but you don’t have to pack the entire nursery when you travel.

So I put together this comprehensive baby packing list of all the necessary items for traveling with a baby!

Preparing to travel with an infant or baby can feel a little overwhelming for new parents, but this list of must-have baby items for travel will help you get ready for an incredible trip with your little one. 

Customize this list of baby travel gear based on where you’re going, how old your baby is, and how you plan to travel. 

Here’s my list of the essentials for traveling with a baby. Consider it the ultimate baby packing list!

Before we get started…

If you’ve just added a baby to your family, you don’t need me to tell you that nothing is the same as it was before your little one arrived. 

Travel will also be different. 

Here are some key infant travel tips, now that you’re traveling with a baby: 

  • Direct flights are worth it. You’ll want to avoid a layover at all costs. 
  • If you must have a layover, allow plenty of time to get through the airport with your baby.
  • Check your bags. You’re going to have to carry enough baby stuff to get you through the trip–plus the baby. Don’t worry about trying to carry on the suitcase. 
  • Keep the gas tank full. I mean this literally if you’re on a road trip. Fill up with gas whenever you stop, so that if baby falls asleep you don’t have to stop to refuel and wake them up. But figuratively as well: be sure you get enough food and rest to make it through your journey. 
  • Adjust your expectations. You will not see everything at your destination. Traveling will take longer. You will not travel spontaneously. You’ll need to be very patient with your little one and yourself. Your vacation might not be exactly restful. But it will be worth it!

Essentials for Traveling with a Baby

Diaper Bag Travel Essentials 

1. Diaper bag

Perhaps a diaper bag is the most important item when you’re traveling with a baby!

The BabbleRoo diaper bag comes with a changing mat, stroller straps, and tons of storage!

This spacious baby nappy bag has room for everything you and baby need when you’re traveling!

Note that a diaper bag does NOT count as your carry-on bag!

2. Diapers

Not only are they adorable, Honest Company’s Clean Conscious Diapers are have advanced leak protection, a comfortable fit, and a hypoallergenic lining.

You can feel good about using these diapers, and your baby will feel good in them.

3. Baby Wipes

A diaper bag staple, baby wipes are a necessary item for traveling with baby.

These Honest Company wipes are unscented and hypoallergenic, to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

The wipes pouches easily fit in a diaper bag, so you’re ready for all the changes ahead!

4. Changing mat

If your diaper bag doesn’t come with a changing pad, you’re going to want to buy this one.

This waterproof, foldable, and machine washable changing mat will keep your baby clean and comfortable through diaper changes when you’re out and about!

5. Diaper Rash Cream

The diaper rash cream you didn’t know you needed: Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.

Protect baby’s bum with this zinc-oxide based diaper cream. If baby already has diaper rash, this cream will help the skin heal.

When my kids were in diapers, this was my favorite diaper rash cream!

6. Dirty Diaper Bags

When changing diapers on the go, disposable bags for dirty diapers are really handy.

These diaper sacks have easy-close ties and a light lavender scent to mask that dirty diaper smell.

If you’re dealing with a particularly messy diaper change, a plastic bag helps to contain the mess (and smell).

7. Wet bag

When diaper changes demand a new outfit, use the Bumkins waterproof wet bag to hold wet or dirty baby clothes.

The mess will stay inside the bag until you (finally) reach your destination.

In the meantime, you won’t have to worry about baby’s dirty clothes contaminating everything else in the diaper bag!

You can wash and reuse the bag many, many times!

8. Anti-bacterial Wipes

When you’re traveling and changing diapers, you might not always have access to soap and water.

Be prepared with antibacterial wipes.

Boogie antibacterial wipes will clean away dirt, bacteria, and germs. The gentle, hypoallergenic formula with aloe will moisturize your skin.

These are perfect for keeping clean when you’re on the go.

9. hand Sanitizer

These Purell hand sanitizers easily attach to your diaper bag, purse, stroller, or keychain, so they’re always accessible.

Purell’s mild formula won’t irritate your skin, and you can use it multiple times a day.

You’ll want to use hand sanitizer frequently when you’re traveling with baby.

10. Pacifiers

For exhausted, unhappy babies (and their parents), pacifiers can be a lifesaver.

If you’re traveling with your baby, bring along a pacifier to soothe your little one. Always bring extra pacifiers in case one gets lost or dirty.

Pacifiers are especially helpful if you’re flying with baby, because they can help equalize baby’s ear pressure during takeoff and landing.

11. Pacifier Clips

Use these pacifier clips so your baby doesn’t lose pacifiers!

You can also use them to clip teething rings, small toys, or a bib to baby.

I love these clips because they come in all different colors and patterns. And they come in multipacks, so you can put one on every pacifier!

12. LifeVac Travel Kit

The LifeVac is a portable suction rescue device. If something blocks your child’s airway, the LifeVac can be used to suction the obstruction.

The LifeVac Travel Kit comes in a travel case, so you can take it with you on any trip.

13. Extra outfits for baby

In the diaper bag, you’ll want to include several extra outfits for baby.

I love these adorable, soft footie pajamas!

When you’re traveling, it might be a long time before you can get back to your hotel or vacation rental, so be sure you have some extra clothes for baby.

14. Packing Cubes

Use packing cubes to keep the diaper bag organized.

Fill them with extra outfits, feeding gear, and toys.

For traveling with baby, I like the packing cubes with mesh tops, so you can quickly see what’s inside. 

Use the larger packing cubes to pack more of baby’s clothes in your suitcase.

Feeding Baby Travel Essentials

15. Wide-mouth AVENT Baby bottles

These AVENT bottles are great for traveling because they are designed to reduce colic, gas, and reflux by keeping the nipple full of milk, not air.

Also, the wide-mouth design means that it’s easier for parents to add formula or milk to the bottle.

16. Baby Formula Dispenser

If you’re not breastfeeding, or just need some back up, you’ll want to travel with formula.

This baby formula dispenser is perfect for travel, because you can pre-measure each serving of formula.

It’s easy to prepare bottles when the formula is ready to go. The snap-on lid makes for quick and mess-free bottle prep.

17. Baby Bottle Portable Drying Rack

This baby bottle drying rack is perfect for travel. It folds flat, so it’s easy to pack.

It even comes with a bottle brush and a container for cleanser.

18. Baby bottle and dish soap

This dish soap is specially formulated to clean baby bottles.

It removes residue from milk and formula, to keep baby’s bottles clean and odor free.

This dish soap is made from hypoallergenic, plant-based cleansers, so it’s safe for babies.

19. Portable Breast Pump

Breastfeeding moms need to know about this lightweight, portable breast pump!

The Momcozy breast pump comes with a portable travel case. Plus, it’s discreet to use and easy to clean.

Also, don’t forget the breastmilk storage bags!

20. Cooler bag

Whether you’re trying to keep breast milk cold or bottles warm, you’ll appreciate the Mancro Cooler bag.

This bag comes with icepacks that hold bottles snugly. The bag is easy to clean and leak proof.

Plus, when you no longer need the bag to keep bottles cool, it’s stylish enough to use for cooling sodas, wine, or beer.

21. Burp Cloths

These soft muslin burp cloths are essential for travel with baby.

Protect your clothes (and baby’s) from spit-up and spills with these absorbent cotton burp cloths.

They’re lightweight and easy to pack when you travel with baby.

22. nursing cover

If you want a little privacy when you’re nursing or if your baby gets distracted when nursing, you’ll want to travel with this multi-use nursing cover.

What I really like about the Itzy Ritzy nursing cover is that it’s versatile. You can also use it as a:

  • burp cloth
  • tummy time mat
  • blanket
  • stroller cover
  • changing table cover

23. Baby snacks

If your baby is old enough to eat solid foods, you’ll want to travel with some yummy baby snacks.

Not only will they quell baby’s hunger, eating them will help pass the time and keep baby entertained.

24. Baby snack cup

These clever silicone no-spill snack cups are perfect for babies and toddlers!

This smart design helps baby eat independently without making a mess.

Two handles make the cups easy to grip. Plus, the cups are sturdy and easy to clean.

25. baby food pouches

These baby food pouches make it so easy to take a variety of baby food with you when you travel.

I love that this baby food is organic, non-GMO, and gluten free. It’s made from real fruit and vegetables that you can feel good about feeding to your baby.

26. Silicone Baby Feeding Set

This silicone feeding set for baby is perfect for travel.

This travel set comes with a plate, bowl, cup, spoons and forks, and a silicone bib.

For older babies eating baby food and solid foods, this silicone baby feeding set is genius.

The plate and bowl stay suctioned in place. The bib has a pocket to catch crumbs and spills.

Each item in the set is sturdy, easy to clean, and easy for your baby to hold.

27. Cloth baby bibs

Let your baby drool in style with these beautiful bandana bibs!

This set comes in so many color choices, so you’ll be able to find a bib to match any of baby’s outfits.

The bibs are super soft and absorbent too.

28. Sippy Cup

This spill-proof sippy cup seals automatically when baby is done drinking.

Two handles make it easy for baby to hold onto. It’s sturdy and easy to clean, making it perfect for travel!

29. Travel Dining Chair

You’ll love this travel booster seat!

No more depending on grimy restaurant highchairs or holding your little one in your lap because there’s no safe booster seat.

This portable travel booster seat fits in most dining chairs. It folds easily. The fabric cover can be wiped clean or machine washed.

30. Disposable Placemats

If you want to be certain your baby has a sanitary surface for eating, pack these placemats when you travel.

These placemats also make a great, easy-to-clean surface for art projects.

Baby Travel Entertainment Essentials

31. Lovey

Bring a lovey for your baby when you travel. A sweet stuffed animal that baby can hold, cuddle, and chew on will be so comforting.

But–pro mom tip–don’t bring baby’s favorite lovey. Leave the favorite lovey at home, so there’s no risk of it getting lost as you travel.

Either bring a duplicate or just choose a “travel buddy” for your baby.

32. Colorful Stacking cups

When traveling with baby, you’ll want to bring an assortment of small toys to keep baby entertained. Fortunately, these stacking cups can be used for so many different types of play!

Baby can stack these cups, sort them by color, fit them together, or hide treasured underneath them.

Because they have tiny holes in the bottom, they make great water play toys for bath time.

If space is limited, stacking cups are the one toy to pack on your trip with baby.

33. Sophie the Giraffe

For teething babies, Sophie la girafe can’t be beat.

This classic teething toy is made from all natural rubber, is soft and flexible, and can be easily cleaned.

Sophie teething toys have been handcrafted in France for more than 60 years. Your baby will also love this adorable classic toy.

34. Baby Gym

After a long day of travel, who doesn’t want to hit the gym and stretch their legs?

Give your baby a safe place to stretch and get some tummy time, with this sensory baby gym and activity mat.

You’ll love the sensory exploration tabs and how easy it is to set up and take down this cute gym.

35. Baby Book

Keep baby entertained when you travel with this adorable touch-and-feel soft book.

The crinkle sounds, fun textures, and baby safe mirror make this book an engaging adventure for your little one.

And with the ocean theme, this one is perfect for a trip to the beach!

Baby Travel Sleep Essentials

36. Travel Bassinet

For infants up to five months old, a travel bassinet is the perfect portable sleep solution.

This stylish bassinet keeps baby cozy and safe.

The bassinet is easy to set up, and the sheet, mattress, and cover can be machine washed.

37. Travel Crib

For older babies and toddlers, portable travel cribs make traveling so much more convenient.

You won’t have to worry about reserving a crib at your hotel or whether it will be clean for your baby.

This stylish Guava Lotus Travel Crib does it all: it’s a portable crib and a playpen for baby.

Having a safe place for your baby to play and sleep when you travel is essential.

Plus this travel crib folds up easily and comes with a backpack carrying case.

38. Crib sheets

Whether you’re bringing your own travel crib, or reserving one at your hotel, don’t forget to bring your own portable crib sheets.

Note that travel crib sheets are a different size than regular crib sheets.

Some hotels don’t provide crib sheets.

Also, if your baby is sensitive to any fabrics, soaps or scents, you’ll want to be sure you bring your own sheets that won’t irritate baby.

39. Baby blankets

Don’t forget to bring several baby blankets with you when you travel.

These soft muslin swaddle blankets are exactly what you need to keep baby comfortable while they sleep.

40. White noise machine

Help baby sleep in an unfamiliar place by using a portable white noise sound machine.

This portable sound machine will help create a familiar sleep environment for baby and block out disruptive noises.

This portable white noise machine features soothing nature sounds and a low-light night light.

This tiny sound machine is designed for travel and easily fits into a diaper bag.

41. Travel baby Monitor

When traveling with baby, you’ll want to take a baby monitor with you.

With the VTech baby monitor, you can monitor your baby as they sleep and know exactly when they wake up.

There’s no WiFi or App Pairing, so you know you’ll be the only one who can see your baby!

42. Night light

When traveling, you never know how dark your hotel or vacation rental will be.

Make it easy to check on your baby in the middle of the night by packing a small night light.

This small, plug-in LED night light lets you adjust the brightness.

43. Black out curtains

If you have a baby who won’t sleep when it’s light outside, or if you’re traveling someplace with a lot of light (like Finland in the summer), you’ll want to pack some portable blackout shades.

These temporary black out blinds can make a huge difference in getting your baby to sleep in a new place!

Essential baby clothing for travel

44. Onesies

While babies certainly require a lot of travel gear, the good news is that baby clothes don’t take up much space! 

Pack 3-5 onesies, like these soft short-sleeve bodysuits.

45. Pants & Leggings

Bring 3-4 pairs of soft cotton pants and leggings.

These soft leggings will keep baby cozy and comfy when traveling.

46. T-shirts

Bring 5-6 cute t-shirts–these come in loads of lovely colors.

Or swap out some comfy dresses for a few of the shirts.

47. Baby Socks

Keep baby’s tiny toes warm and clean when traveling with these cozy socks.

They have non-slip bottoms, so if your little one is starting to walk, you’ll appreciate the grips on the bottom.

48. Baby Booties

These comfy cotton booties will protect your baby’s feet while they’re crawling.

The snug straps ensure that they won’t slip off while you’re dashing through the airport.

They’re super soft and machine washable!

49. Baby Sleepers

Bring 3-4 cozy sleepers. These soft cotton baby sleepers will keep baby snug and warm all night.

Baby pajamas are great for travel days, not just sleeping!

50. Baby Sunglasses

Protect your baby’s eyes with these adorable polarized baby sunglasses.

The best thing about these sunglasses is that they have an attached strap, so they stay in place!

51. Baby swimsuit and swim diapers

If you’ll be going to be swimming during your travels, don’t forget to bring baby a swimsuit.

Baby swimsuits with rash guards make it easy to protect baby from the sun.

I love this option for girls and this option for boys.

Also–very important–don’t forget to pack swim diapers!

52. Baby Sun hat

Pack a cute sun hat for your baby to keep the bring sun off their tender skin!

I love this bucket hat with a cute smiley face!

53. Warm Hat

Going somewhere cold with baby?

Pack this fleece-lined baby beanie to keep your baby’s tiny ears warm.

This comes in lots of colors and sizes, for babies and toddlers.

54. Cozy Warm Jacket

This hooded sweater jacket will keep your baby warm and cozy.

The jacket has a soft sherpa lining and cute bear ears on the hood.

55. Packing Cubes

Use these packing cubes to keep baby’s essentials organized.

I like these because they come in a variety of sizes and have a mesh top, so it’s easy to see what’s inside.

You can use them for baby’s clothes, as well as feeding gear or toys.

Travel Baby Care Essentials 

56. Baby Shampoo, Body Wash, and Balm

This travel set of mini-must-haves for baby’s bath is perfect for taking trips with your little one.

You’ll get a travel size lavender shampoo and body wash, lotion, and all-purpose balm, packed in travel containers.

Don’t be surprised if you like these products as much as baby does!

57. Brush and Comb Set

Don’t forget a brush and comb set for your little one, so you can keep cradle cap at bay while you’re traveling.

This set is super soft and small, easy to pack for your trip.

58. Baby-safe Sunscreen

Blue Lizard baby mineral sunscreen has zinc oxide, not chemical active ingredients, so it’s safe for baby.

With an SPF of 50+, it will protect baby from the sun.

I also love the Blue Lizard baby mineral sunscreen stick. Pack one for less-messy sunscreen application.

I also really like that Blue Lizard is reef safe!

59. Bathtub faucet Cover

Keep baby safe during bath time at your hotel or vacation rental with this soft bath spout cover.

This soft faucet cover will protect baby’s head from colliding with bathtub faucet.

60. Inflatable baby bathtub

Another option for bathing baby is to travel with this inflatable baby bathtub.

It’s easy to inflate and deflate, and has an optional inflatable saddle horn designed to help hold baby in place.

The tub folds compactly for travel.

61. Laundry detergent

Take packets of SinkSuds laundry detergent or laundry detergent sheets with you when you travel and be prepared to wash clothes on the go.

Having detergent with you will allow you to easily wash baby’s clothes as you travel. You can use a sink stopper to soak clothing in a hotel sink.

Expect to do laundry while you’re traveling, and you’ll be able to pack less clothing.

Use the travel detergent to wash a load of baby clothes at home before you travel, to be sure they don’t irritate baby’s skin. 

62. Baby first aid kit

Pack a small first aid kit designed for kids. This one comes with a variety of bandages, stickers, and medications for simple injuries.

And it comes in a cute case with a clip so you can attach it to a diaper bag or a stroller.

63. Baby care Kit

This baby healthcare kit has some baby travel essentials you’ll want to have on hand when you travel with your baby.

It comes with a thermometer, nasal aspirator, baby nail clippers, and more, all in a cute travel case.

64. Baby medications

Take some basic baby medications with you on your trip, so you don’t have to run out to find a drug store at the middle of the night in an unfamiliar city.

This kit contains acetaminophen, gas drops, and diaper rash cream.

65. Mosquito repellent

Protect your baby from mosquitos by using a baby mosquito net and mosquito repellent.

Also bring this anti-insect spray made with essential oils to keep mosquitos away.

66. Blue painters tape

As soon as baby starts crawling, you’re going to have to think about baby-proofing your hotel room or vacation rental.

Use blue painters tape to cover outlets, tape cabinets and drawers closed, tape up blinds cords, and tape together drapes to keep the room dark.

Blue painter’s tape won’t harm paint or surfaces, so you won’t have to worry about damages. 

Baby Travel Transportation Essentials

67. Doona car Seat & Stroller Travel System

This brilliant stroller system is your all-in-one solution for traveling with a stroller and a car seat.

This rear-facing carseat transforms with one click into a stroller.

You can take your baby from a car to the stroller with ease!

The system comes with a latch car seat base to secure and leave in the car.

This infant travel car seat is easy to carry or convert into a stroller for easy transportation. 

68. Stroller

If your baby has already reached the maximum weight or height limit and outgrown their infant car seat, you’ll want a traditional stroller for your travel adventures!

This lightweight stroller folds easily and compactly.

It features a 5-point harness, canopy visor, storage basket, and two cup holders

69. Double stroller

For parents traveling with a baby and a toddler, a double stroller is essential.

I love this Sit ‘n’ Stand stroller because there’s room for two kids.

I actually often had three kids on this stroller. When I used it for a baby and a toddler, my “big kid” could also hop on the standing platform.

70. Stroller Caddy

Organize your baby essentials and keep them easily in reach with this stroller caddy.

You’ll love the cup holders, phone slot, wallet pockets, and detachable wristlet.

71. Toy Straps

Use these adjustable toy straps to keep baby’s toys tethered to the stroller.

Use these straps for bottles, pacifiers, teethers, or stuffed animals, so if baby tosses them out of the stroller, you won’t leave them behind.

Dealing with an unfamiliar location, long journeys, and new routines can be hard on everyone–so make it easy to keep up with all your baby’s stuff.

72. Baby Wrap Carrier

Keep baby close with this baby wrap.

Traveling with a baby sling is fantastic because you’ll have your hands free. And a baby carrier makes navigating uneven pavement or cobblestone streets easier than using a stroller.

Baby will feel soothed and calmed by being so close to you.

73. Baby Carrier

Some parents prefer a baby carrier so baby can face in or face out.

With an ergonomic design, this carrier can be worn in four different ways, so baby is comfortable at different ages and stages.

Many babies feel comforted by being carried close to a parent. You might find that your baby is less fussy in a wrap or a carrier.

Also, public transportation is easier to use if you are carrying your baby, instead of using a stroller. 

Baby car travel essentials

74. Baby Car Mirror

If you’re driving with your baby in a rear-facing car seat, this car seat mirror lets you keep an eye on baby from the front seat.

It’s adjustable, shatterproof, and straps securely to the headrest.

75. Car sun shade

Use a car window sun shade to protect baby’s eyes from bright sunlight on a road trip.

You can easily adjust the blind as the angle of the sun shifts.

76. Cloth Books

On a car trip with baby, cloth baby books are a great distraction.

Babies can hold them, chew on them, and explore the pages and crinkly sounds.

The bright contrasting colors on this one are sure to get baby’s attention.

Baby Air Travel Essentials

77. Padded Car Seat Carrier Bag

If you’re flying with a car seat, use this padded car seat carrier bag to protect the carseat.

This car seat travel bag features wheels, backpack carrier straps, and straps to tether it to other luggage or a cart.

If you check a car seat, know that you can stuff bulky coats or other items into the bag as well!

78. Stroller Travel Bag

Protect your stroller with a stroller travel bag.

It’s so convenient to use a stroller in the airport and then gate check it. But you’ll want to use a stroller bag to protect the stroller from getting caught and damaged in transit.

Double check that the bag you choose will fit your stroller!

79. Compact diaper pouch  

Airplane lavatories are tiny. There’s no room for your overstuffed diaper bag.

Use this sleek diaper pouch  to easily get through an in-flight diaper change.

This can hold a few diapers, wipes, plastic bags, and a small toy to distract baby while you do the dirty work. Plus there’s a built-in changing pad.

80. Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs

Airplanes can be surprisingly loud. Between the pilot’s announcement, other passengers talking, and the general din of the plane, noise-cancelling ear muffs can so helpful in getting baby to sleep on the plane.

Use these noise-cancelling baby ear muffs to protect baby’s hearing and let them sleep through any distracting sounds.

81. Children’s headphones

If you want to be able to play music or soothing sounds for your baby, choose headphones with a volume limit.

There’s a kid setting with a decibel limit to protect little ears. So you can play a quiet lullaby for your child’s ears to help them nod off to sleep on the plane. 

82. Window Spinner

Entertain your baby on the plane with a window spinner toy.

This awesome toy suctions onto the plane window (or any flat surface).

You’ll be surprised by how long it keeps your child entertained!

Essential documents for traveling with baby

For air travel with baby, essential documentation may include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate
  • Guardianship or custody papers
  • Passport (international travel) Allow plenty of time to apply for and receive baby’s passport before your trip
  • Visa, immunization records, or other travel documents (International travel)

Parent essentials for travel with baby

Parents traveling with your baby, here are some parent essentials to take with you in your carry-on or in the diaper bag.

  • Extra outfit for parent: Pack yourself a change of clothes, just in case!
  • Water bottle: You’ll want to stay hydrated (especially if you’re nursing)
  • Your favorite snacks: Be prepared, because you don’t want to be hungry when traveling with baby.
  • Charger for every device: Make sure you’re able to charge your tablet, phone, headphones, and any other electronics
  • Power Bank: You need to be able to charge your devices if you don’t have access to power.
  • Adapter for international travel: So you can charge your devices when you land.

Essential questions about traveling with a baby

How soon can you travel with a newborn? 

This is really a question for your pediatrician. Your baby’s doctor will want to be sure that your little one has a strong enough immune system to be exposed to people outside of your immediate family. 

A birthing parent should allow plenty of time to recover from the birth before taking on any strenuous travel. 

If you want to fly with your newborn baby, your pediatrician will probably recommend waiting until baby is four to six weeks old. You should also check with the airline to see if there is a minimum age for babies to fly. 

If you want to travel by car with a newborn, you pediatrician will probably give the OK for short car trips right away. 

Check with your pediatrician about when you can travel with a newborn!

How will my baby adjust to jet-lag? 

Let’s be honest, most babies are on their own schedule anyway. If you’re traveling, don’t worry about sticking to a strict feeding or sleeping schedule. Be flexible and let your baby’s cues guide you. 

What should baby wear to travel? 

On travel days, dress your baby in comfortable clothes made of natural, soft, breathable fabrics (like cotton). 

Bring extra socks to keep toes warm. And pack a light jacket or long-sleeved top, as well as blankets, in case it’s cold.

Baby bassinet in airplane

Should I buy an airline ticket for my baby?

It depends! Here are your options:

Infant bassinet

Major airlines offer infant bassinets on certain international flights, but only a few bassinets are available on each flight.

You must reserve a bassinet in advance. (Just one of many reservations to make before traveling!)

If you want to request an in-flight bassinet, do so when you book your flight–book directly with the airline. And even with a reservation, you are not guaranteed to get a bassinet.

Generally, bassinets are for babies weighing up to 20 pounds. And you will have to hold your infant on take-off and landing, as well as during any turbulence.

Hold your baby

You don’t have to buy a ticket for children under age 2, but you will have to hold your baby for the entire flight. You can wear your baby in a baby carrier instead of just holding baby in your arms.

Upgrade to Business or First Class

If you want to hold your baby, but don’t relish the idea of being crammed in economy with a baby on your lap, you could buy yourself a business or first class ticket.

You’ll have more room for yourself and baby, so a long flight won’t seem quite so bad.

Buy baby a seat

If you want to put the baby in a baby car seat you will need to purchase baby’s own seat. Flying in a car seat is the safest way for baby to travel, because they’ll be strapped in on take off and landing, and if there’s any turbulence. 

On long-haul flights, I would either buy baby their own seat or fly business class or first class and hold baby.

Note that on international flights, you will need to buy a ticket for your baby.

Where should I sit on the plane?

Consider reserving an aisle seat so you can easily get up and walk the aisle to soothe your baby. 

If you request a bassinet on your flight, you will have to sit in a bulkhead seat. 

Consider buying travel insurance just in case baby gets sick. 

changing table on airplane that folds down over the toilet in the plane lavatory.

Can I change diapers on a plane?

Yes, changing tables are available in at least one lavatory on every plane. 

Ask the flight attendant where the nearest changing table is. There will be at least one on your plane, but there might not be a changing table in every lavatory. 

Never change baby’s diaper in the main cabin.

How many diapers should I bring on a flight? 

Pack one diaper for every hour of travel–at least! If you pack two diapers for every expected hour of travel, you should have enough to get through flight delays and unexpected diaper emergencies! Personally, I preferred having too many diapers rather than risking not having enough!

If you don’t want to pack a trip’s worth of diapers in your suitcase, research the brands of diapers and formula available at your destination, especially if baby has any sensitivities. 

Baby sitting in car seat for children and looking in the mirror

How often should I stop when driving with a baby?

Heading out on the open road with a baby is easier than flying. You’ll have more room for all your baby gear, you set your own schedule, and you aren’t dealing with crowds of other travelers. 

Expect to stop every hour or two when traveling with a baby. You’ll need to allow time for diaper changes, feedings, and snuggles.

Parents should stretch their legs, get a snack, and perhaps swap drivers. It can be challenging to entertain babies on road trips, so it’s a good idea to expect the journey to take double the amount of time it usually would.

Where should I travel with my baby? 

Here are some suggestions of places to travel with your infant. 

Travel within the US with a baby

Choose a destination that is relatively close: either within a three to four hour drive or a direct flight. 

International travel with baby

If you want to travel abroad, choose a destination that you’ve been to before. If the city is familiar to you and you know how to get around, you’ll have an easier time navigating with baby. You also won’t feel as much pressure to see all the sites. 

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Final Thoughts on Travel Essentials for Baby

Now that you know what to pack for vacationing with baby, you’re ready to make some travel plans with your little one! 

As you venture into family travel, remember that if you forget any travel baby essentials, you’re almost certainly going to be able to buy it at your destination!

Use this post to craft your own list of essentials for traveling with baby. Your baby’s must-have items for travel will depend on where you’re going and how you’re getting there, as well as on your baby’s age. 

Whether you’re planning baby’s first trip or looking for ideas to make baby’s next trip go more smoothly, this post is packed useful baby travel items and helpful tips. (And I’ve got loads more mom travel hacks for you here!)

I hope you have a wonderful adventure vacationing with baby and introducing your baby to the magic of travel!

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